Interview Maxim Sen

​Maxim Sen, player of Latvian FC Petrow tells us about the first match of Baltic Futsal League against Lithuanian FC Vytis.​

Moderator: Maxim, please comment on the game. The result is 4: 7 against a team that is ahead  of FC Petrow. Does the result correspond to what happened on the court?

MS: I wouldn’t say that the opponent is much stronger, we had  some moments. In the first half Mick (Miks Barbris) had about three chances. If we had implemented them, maybe the game would have been different. Yeah, perhaps  it was the excitement. We have half team with international experience, but unfortunately the other half did not play at this level. The tournament is quite representative and it’s very nice to play! This is a different level than the Latvian championship. But I think we could have played better. And three goals conceded  of  seven ones were “optional”, If you say so. If only in the first half we played better in defense, because we lost a few moments positional. The team of rival is masterful and when they had  ways out they realized them. In our turn, we couldn’t. In the first half it was evident that we were losing tactically. I say again, probably, the guys were nervous. It was hard to get out of the pressure, we lost the ball and couldn’t make even two or three passes. But the second half slightly improved the game. We could have change the game, but unfortunately  we conceded an unwanted goal. 5: 4 also created a lot of chances, there were about two or three good 100% chances, but we didn’t implement them, and here is the result on the scoreboard respectively. Yes, the team Vytis  is skillful, the Legionnaires did their job. Maybe they would have played differently if we had scored all the goals. But I think, we all have room to improve and  this is the main thing. Because if we are at the level of the championship of Latvia, while all beat, the guys can self-esteem rose that we can beat everyone. It is very pleasant that there is such sparring where it is necessary to show a maximum. The more such games will be, the faster team will develop.

Moderator: So, having received such a lesson, do you think that FC Petrow management made the right decision to take part in the tournament?

MS: Yes, of course, absolutely. Because international experience  is very important for young players and for those who may not be so young, but didn’t get such experience. I think that at the end of the season participation in such a tournament will be able to give a positive spirit to the guys. And in the end they will be able to solve what failed in the championship last year. I think this is a good point. There is sparring, there are good rivals. I know,  “Stolitsa” is a team of good level, and there are Legionnaires in it. They are one of the favorites, it will be nice to see too. Both Lithuanian and Estonian teams. Each has its own specifics, so it will be interesting to play with all.

Moderator: thank you for the comprehensive information. Maxim Sen, FC Petrow player, was with us. Well, we are waiting for the next games!

MS: I’d like to see more fans. Hopefully, over time, the guys will see game not only on TV, but also live. There were a lot of cameras, but  it’s much more excitement to  see it live.

Moderator: Brazilians do not come to us every day.

MS: All the more so! I don’t want to say that they played badly.  They played at their good level. Legionnaires who come from Brazil,  show high class and now we have seen that they have realized their moments. At the right time  they released these foursome and they created chances. It was difficult with them, of course, difficult!