Interview Osintsev

Moderator: Evgeniy Osintsev, head coach of MFC “Stalitsa”.  What are your impressions of the game?

E.O.: I’d like to congratulate my team on the victory. In principle we have a very busy, tight schedule. After the Champions League we have already played a game in the championship and a day later we played a match of the Baltic League. So guys well done, they gathered, though there’s not much emotion anymore and they had little strength left. Therefore guys brought it to a logical conclusion, to victory. Thanks to the opposing team for the game. I congratulate all my guys on the victory.

Moderator: However, were there any components that you were not satisfied with in your team’s game?

E.O.: There is always something to work on. Therefore two goals were completely unnecessary when we allowed ourselves to relax, didn’t do any more in defense. Of course, it’s like not quite good aftertaste left.  But when it’s okay, it’s not okay either. In principle all guys well done, they’ve been trying, working to the end.

Moderator: In the first half it seemed for a moment that Beto was a bit intense. What words or what could you use to calm your leader?

E.O.: At the beginning of the half he sat down, calmed down and came out as focused as possible. Beto is a professional, an experienced player; he hears what you say to him and reacts to it.

Moderator: You have already played two rounds in the Baltic League. Tell me, are there any other clubs in the championship of Belarus that could play in the Baltic League, besides you?

E.O.: We still have three or four teams of a very good level. We have got the same balance of power, I think so, yes, of course. If there is such an invitation, the teams will gladly accept it.

Moderator: Thank you very much and good luck in the next games!