Interview Osintsev

The head coach of “Stolitsa” from Minsk Evgeniy Osintsev  told us about the victory of his team in the opening match of  Baltic Futsal League.

Moderator: Evgeniy Osintsev, head coach of the winning team MFC Stolitsa, is with me today. First of all I would like to ask what the task was for today’s game?

E.O.: Of course, we had one task, always, in every game we have one task — to win. Besides soon we will have an elite round and this is a certain stage of preparation for the elite round of the Champions League. Therefore, the tasks were serious and the team had a serious attitude today.

Moderator: Tell me, how does Baltic Futsal League fit in strategically? What is your goal? Where do you see yourself?

E.O.: I see the trophy of Baltic Futsal League is very beautiful, the Cup is very attractive, it is worth fighting for it. And, of course, we have the task of winning this tournament. But we also plan to involve young people here, try them somewhere, run them in. There are the tasks for the championship , and here we can afford to test young players in the field, in the game. We have a lot of games in the championship, and a lot of games in Baltic League will be, so we have a very full season in this respect.

Moderator:  Have you already managed to evaluate the level of your opponents? Not only Gargzdu, but the rest  of the first round? You’re lucky a little bit that you have a game on a neutral ground.

E.O.: Yes, I have a rough idea of our opponents. But specifically we haven’t studied yet. We have a very tight schedule, especially now in November, we have about ten games this month. Therefore, information will be available as it becomes available. The tournament is very good, very good teams are participating in the tournament, I am sure the opponents will be worthy.

Moderator: How can you assess the actions of your team on the field without regard to the result?

E.O.: The guys came up to the game professionally today. I am very happy because they created a lot of chances, we let the opposing team create nothing in defense. Therefore, the guys are well done, many thanks to the team! Many thanks to the opponent for a good game. This is a certain stage, we will continue to prepare.

Moderator: Thank you very much and good luck.