Interview Rafael Rodrigues

Correspondent: We have one of the leaders of FK Vytis Raphael and I would like to ask him about his impressions of the game.
R.: Well, I think we came just for one objective – to win, because we came off a high-level competition, the UEFA Champions League. So our objective is to wim Lithuanian League and, of course, Baltic Futsal League.
C.: And what about your rival, FC Petrow?  How do you feel about playing against them?
R.: It’s my first time I played against Petrow. It’s a good team. We had some difficulties in the second half. I think we was deconcentrated a little bit. But we scored a next goal and win this great team.
C.: Do you have also goal to win this League after just going out of the Champions League in the season?
R.: Oh, I think I am very kind in this season so far, because I scored just 5 times for now. I need to develop my level.