Interview Svetlov

Moderator: Sergey Svetlov, head coach of the club “Cosmos”. What are your impressions of the game?

S.S: In general I liked the game, and  I think  the audience liked it too.  Of course, I wanted a little different result for me, but on the whole at the moment the quality of  “Stalitsa” game  suggests a different rivalry. We had to play differently and take into account their class, how they move, how they work with the ball. I think the important result of this game for our team is to see how to play futsal, how it can be done, as the  teams that train a little bit more than we do it. It’s necessary to get acquainted with futsal more because many guys come from big football, and futsal has its own development now, there are some moments that the guys, unfortunately, are not trained and didn’t know any specifics of the game.

Moderator: Your ward (Pavel Rubel) said that by the end the team stuck a little bit. Was it a question of general training or intensity which was set  by “Stalitsa” itself?

S.S: Well, there are several factors, let’s say, the preparation of “Stalitsa” and the preparation of our team. We have guys from work. Was it possible to prepare differently on the working day? We tried to act within what we can. “Stalitsa” trained systematically, they had dinner, everything as in professional teams. But they are a professional team. We, let’s say, want to move in this direction, but for many guys  the main activity is not futsal.

Moderator: The question is this. The second game, the second round.  What has changed in comparison with the first round precisely in the Baltic League? Your performance? Do you see the state of the team purely by the game? Has anything changed for the better?

S.S.: I think that at this stage we are progressing, we are changing our game a little bit. I liked the moments and some episodes that we showed today , what we work out in training and now. When competing with “Stalitsa” the guys were able to do it, it’s a plus for us. Was the opponent comparable? I think that it was a little easier for us to play with “AGIO FM”. We knew them better and played against each other earlier. So there is a rather unknown opponent in practice of competition. This is also important because we talked about the strengths and weaknesses, but how they act directly on the sportsground, what they do, it is just  a practice. Therefore the experience of such games is good for the development of each player.

Moderator: Thank you very much! We’ll wait for the victory in the next game! Sergey Svetlov was with us.