Interview Timoshchuk

Moderator: Anatoly Timoschuk, the team “AGIO-FM”, the captain of the team. Anatoly, comment on the course of today’s match, it’s a major victory.

A.T.: We have already met with Narva, knew opponent’s strength. The first half was very good, especially the beginning. For the first 10 minutes we didn’t let the opponent to create anything, scoring four goals, then two more, at the end of the first half we went to zero. We went calmly to the locker room. In the second half we began to play uninhibited, there was a lot of risk, unreasonable passes, we got counterattacks, in the end it was 10: 3. I think it’s a good score, a good game, dedication. The most important thing  is that we’ve pleased the fans, I think, today they were enough for the first home game. It is desirable that there were full stands. But  I think, the fan will come if there is such level of futsal and organizational level.

Moderator: Another question that I think many fans of “AGIO-FM” care about. There is a meeting with “Stalitsa” ahead,  It’s probably the favorite of all tournament. What are the chances you will go to  this sports match?

A.T.: It is necessary to look at the schedule of the main team, in which I am the assistant coach, this is Zenit. There will be the end of the season. If they let everyone go on vacation, I won’t have a chance. But if there is any minimum opportunity, I will be happy to take part in those games in which it will turn out.

Moderator: Well, probably the last one. Today is the birthday of Alexander Bogdanov, a player of the team “AGIO-FM”. Will you congratulate him?

A.T.: Yes, you saw, there was a congratulation at halftime. In such atmosphere the player is pleased to receive congratulations and the team won. Once again I congratulate him on his birthday and the team on their victory!

Moderator: Thank you, Anatoly, with victory!