Interview Vladimir Kulik

Moderator: Vladimir Kulik, development Director of Sport-TEK, a partner of  Baltic Futsal League, is talking to us. Vladimir, please tell us how the idea came about  supporting  Baltic Futsal League? What is the general impression of the opening match?

VK: the Idea to support this project came last year, when Boris Shipunov ( Director of BFL) appealed. We’ve known each other for a long time. The project itself seemed interesting to us. Firstly, we are always ready to help in the development of this sport, and even more, when the project is aimed at the development of futsal in the region. The project will inevitably lead to this, and hence the development of futsal as whole, including children’s and youth one, as well as attracting more people who will do sports at all. In addition, it is  Baltic region, including Russia, St. Petersburg. We are interested in teams from St. Petersburg participating in this project. Therefore, when Boris made a proposal for cooperation, we decided to try after careful consideration. Because it is interesting, it is necessary for the development of futsal. During the year  a lot of organizational work was done. It is very difficult to gather all the countries,  representatives of the teams. But it has happened, although many people did not believe in the first stage, when we just started to deal with the League. But today, thanks to all  participants who perform in the first season of Baltic Futsal League, this project has started. This is  an established fact already! Therefore, the project will develop. Next year, in addition to the existing participants, we have more wishing. This season we want to spend in a test mode, to see how the teams are ready, how the stadiums are ready, how all organizational services are ready. The tournament will be very interesting, firstly, for the teams, and secondly, for the organizers and partners, because it is an international experience. Yes, probably, for everybody. After all, we enjoy watching the Champions League. Competition between countries is always interesting, always emotional, always spectacular. I think,  today  the first game showed that the level is very good,  it will grow more. It’s great that we made this project and today it  started! It’s wonderful!

Moderator: Thank you for the interview! We wish you a successful running of an international project with great ambitions. We all understand that it is very difficult to organize everything smoothly. We wish that next year the tournament will expand and large number of strong teams will take part in it. Thank you