Interview Yuri Kostygin

FC Cosmos player Yuriy Kostygin tells us about starting match of his team, mistakes and  League’s favorite. We’ll remind you that in the first round on its site the “astronauts” conceded to “AGIO-FM” from St. Petersburg with the score 1:3.

Moderator: Good evening, Yuriy! How do you like the game?

YK.: Hello!  I think the game was quite interesting for spectators. It was hard for us. It was the first good game in the tournament, I think.

Moderator: The score was of 1:3. Are you satisfied with it or did you want to win this match?

YK: Of course, we went out to play to win, because just to go out and play for the score, in order not to lose much, is wrong I think. We went out to play to win. In the first half we didn’t play very well, we conceded two goals. In the second one, in principle, we started the game well, but we scored the third own goal . We put ourselves in such a difficult situation and didn’t have time to get out of it.

Moderator: How difficult was it for you to play with the team ” AGIO-FM”?

YK.: The team is good, there are good players who played in the Russian Super League. Of course, it was hard to play against them. The most important thing is an interesting play against such opponents.

Moderator: The first game of the first round has already passed. You know the mistakes you’ve made in this game. What do you need to add? What do you need to do to come to the next game in the best condition?

YK: We just have to keep training, hone our game, our standards, ways out of under pressure. We must continue to train in the same way and, I think, everything will be fine.

Moderator: My crown question for today is this :  which team is the most inconvenient for you?

Y K.: It’s hard to say. I don’t know the teams in principle. I played only with “Stolitsa”. I wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t like to play against this team. It is the champion of Belarus, it reached the elite round of the UEFA Champions League. That’s what makes it stand out. Not that I didn’t want to, but this team is the strongest,  let’s just say.

Moderator: Thank you very much! Cheer up, get ready for the next matches and most importantly  – be healthy!